Sugar Free Foodie – 3 Week Program – Gluten/Dairy/Sugar Free

$155.00 / week for 3 weeks


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Quitting Sugar is easy, WHEN, you have food prepared ready to go.


When cravings hit, we want fulfillment.
When food is prepared ready to go, we go for that option and discover that sugar is not we need.

Our bodies detox from sugar and a new level of energy is discovered based on fuelling your body with nourishment.

Sounds easy? Not always – sometimes there are headaches, sometimes you feel a little flat – but keep going and by day 3/4, the light will shine and you will feel GREAT!

Excited to share this program with you.. here is what is involved:

5 Dinners
3 Salads Vego Bowls
2 Free Range Chicken Noodle Soup
5 Detox Smoothie Packs (to blend with coconut water each morning)
1 pack of protein balls

All gluten – dairy – sugar free
Based on a 2 week program
Feel the difference!

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