Bloating Be Gone! – 3 Week Program – Gluten Dairy Sugar Free

$87.50 / week for 3 weeks


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Its a common question from women… why am I bloated?

Its an uncomfortable feeling and can change a dress size in a heartbeat.

Here are 3 reasons why you could be bloated..

1.Constipation – not going to do number twos every day will create a build up of gas and then create bloating. How to fix this? Lots more fibre in your eating (lots of leafy greens) and hydration.

2. Eating Processed Foods – our digestive systems were not made to digest all the refined flours, refined sugars, excessive dairy and wheat. We put a lot of pressure
on our system. By introducing clean, gluten dairy sugar free foods, will allow your digestive system to rest and not work so hard. This means the goodness will
flow through your system easily creating a happy gut with reduced bloating

3. Food Intolerances – Possibly reactions to certain foods can definitely create bloating. Just a few weeks ago I had a massive reaction to gluten (which was accidentally placed in my meal at a restaurant and the bloating was insane! Food reactions, when senstive/coeliac/IBS etc. cause serious inflammation and bloating. When this happens, we need to elimiate acidic foods and alkaline our bodies

We have created a new program to akaline your body, move the numbers twos in the right direction and reduce the bloating. Its based on a mid week program to allow you to enjoy your weekends but then go back on the program the following week.

3 meals – gluten dairy sugar free
1 kombucha – drink 1 cup per day
Small organic craut – add 2 tablespoons per day to your meal
3 free range bone broth
Green smoothie packs x 3 for the morning


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