NEW – The Madame Foodie Measls to assist with FOODIE FODMAP INDIVIDUAL MEALS – GF/DF – 8 Meals


For a long time, we have had many requests for Fodmap meals. The reason I started Madame Foodie over 7 years ago, was to help people who find it hard to cook when suffering from allergies/gut issues/bowels – all of it!

So, as of this week we are helping our Fodmap Foodies

In this pack you will receive 5 individual meals including:






no onion, garlic cabbage brocolli brussells honey cauliflower corn nuts mushrooms – All gluten and dairy free.

If you do not like salmon, for example, please make a note in your order and we will replace with another protein such as chicken.

Look forward to making your life easier!!!!

Please note we are not certified by the Fodmap Association

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