Meat – 1 x T Bone Steaks (DELIVERED ON A WEDNESDAY)


We have partnered with our butcher Farmgate to Plate to provide you with fresh meat to cook at home. We encourage you to order with a veggie box to avoid going to the shops!


Farmed on 1580 acres down the south coast of NSW, third generation farmers Wayne & Nikki Downey produce some of the best grass fed beef we have seen.  Animals treated with the utmost respect and gratitude, provided with space + nutrition and care – these Black Angus cattle receive no hormones or antibiotics throughout their life.

Once delivered to our store we then dry age the beef for 2 weeks and once broken age the rump, loins and ribeyes for an extra 2-4 weeks.  This ensures supreme flavour and tenderness.  Traditionally butchered and cut on request, this beef is exceptional.

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