Lower Histamine Food Program 3 Weeks – GF/DF – Vegan Option Available

$120.00 / week for 3 weeks

We work with Karen Ansell, a crediable Naturopath who is a university Qualified Naturopath  providing the best of natural medicine for the whole family in a professional healing environment.

Karen uses evidence based nutritional herbs & supplements of the highest quality and is passionately involved in the latest medical research. Karen is highly trained to prescribe personalised, simple & effective wellness programs to fit in with your busy lifestyle. Treatment plans may include dietary advice using food as medicine, lifestyle support, herbal medicine in liquid, capsule, tablet, or powdered form; vitamins and minerals; topical herbal creams and balms; or Medicine for the Emotions – Homoeopathy or Australian Bush Flower Essence remedies. Integrative medical testings may be recommended to gain further insight into your health.

Together, we have created this program for clients requiring a low histamine foodie plan:

You will receive
5 Dinners – gluten/dairy/sugar free and based on the low histamine food range. Vegan available – Free Range CHicken/Salmon optional depending on your requirements

3 Vegan Salads

2 Vegetable Goodness Soups

1 Jar of Turmeric Tonic

Your meals will be delivered (or you can pick up) for the next 3 weeks.

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