Healthy Gut Program – GF/DF

$150.00 / week for 3 weeks

This program has been designed to help heal your gut!

If you are:

bloated, constipated, suffering from leaky gut, been in hospital, been travelling, had a baby or have had issues with your gut – this is for you!

Basically, we irritate our guts by the western diet along with long periods of time with irregular number twos! Over time we create inflamation of the gut which results in bloating, constipation, irratable gut and then this can lead to disease, poor immune and feeling very sluggish.

Together, with our team at MaKutchen, we have created the perfect package over 3 weeks to create a gentle way through food to nourish, heal and improive absorption of all the goodness you will be enjoying!

The program has been designed over a three week period:

Including a

5 Dinners
3 Buddha Bowls Veg

3 Healing Gut Soups

Alternate weeks of organic gut health products such as kombucha, craut and fermented power juice to slowly heal and restore good bacteria

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