Eggs – Free Range – A Dozen from Holbrook Farms NSW


The Free Range Eggs

Our yolks are brighter – you can expect deeper, brighter and more nutritious egg yolks because our hens are free to graze on an abundant selection of pasture, bugs and grubs. NO colourant is added to our feed, our yolks are naturally enhanced, hence why they change throughout the seasons.

Our whites are whiter – our hens produce their eggs in a 100% natural and open paddock environment. They are free to roam as they please.

Our shells are noticeably stronger – this is due to the variety in their diet from the paddock.

We are leading the way as one of Australia’s first truely open-paddock, free roaming egg production system.

We can guarantee the supply of fresh eggs all year round.

We are PROOF accredited – pasture raised on open fields.

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