Is it time for a Detox?

Its always a great time for a detox! Although tell tale signs are:

– low in energy, bloating, constipation, been in party mode, going into party mode, tiredness and in a need of refresh

Sometimes our body just needs to restart itself to be able to function and be  our peak. The best way to restart is to rest the digestion system, fuel our bodies with clean eating, remove acidic ingredients, increase alkaline ingredients, improve our gut health and nourish on goodness.

Your skin will start the glow, the whites of your eyes will shine, your number two’s will be regular, your hydration will increase, you will sleep better, feel better and even shed some weight.

With the Madame Foodie Detox, we ask you to eliminate – gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, coffee, packaged food and anything that is not from mother nature.

We suggest breakfast ideas such as smoothies based on rice or almond milk, scrambled eggs on gluten free toast or gluten free homemade granola with coconut yoghurt.

Try our detox and see for yourself! After one detox,  clients always come back on a regular basis as its an enjoyable process and no starvation required!

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