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Madame Foodie is all about living a healthy life with balance.
What does that even mean?
There is no such thing! Its about knowing how to plan your week, knowing what to eat, including movement and healthy steps along the way to then be able to enjoy your glass of wine, choco or hot chips without guilt and going on a downhill slide.

With our current covid climate and the follow on of lockdown.. we over indulge, then feel guilty, then don’t care .. then go extreme with exercising and diet.

It’s all ok to lose yourself amongst no routine, just as long as you come back.. which is not always easy.

Our mission is to remove the pressure of counting calories, depriving yourself, weighing yourself and being frustrated with no results.

Over the past year, we have coordinated 6 Week Challenges, where we have the excitement of undoing all the facts around the myths of dieting, health and wellness. The results for over 100 participants result in weight loss from 5kg – 10kg/ Body measurements from 15 – 40cm and a clear understanding of how to move forward for life, not just for the challenge.

Since running these programs, we have had many requests for one-on-one Health Coaching as a monthly program.
This is when I recruit the best in the business to take on this role …introducing Scott Krywulycz!

Scott is fair, non-judgemental, kind yet will challenge you.

He will achieve the best out of you!

For over 20 years, his knowledge and understanding of health, wellness and results is beyond measurable.

I have watched him change people’s lives, which is the ultimate reward!


Scott will help you with whatever your health concerns may be:
Reduce body fat
Improving your immune 
Increasing your energy
Reducing your risk of disease
Becoming healthier

Prices start from $150 per month and all programs are tailored to your individual needs and budget.
If you are ready to take the next step, please complete the form below and Scott will be in touch for a chat to discuss your mission.

Excited for you!
x Madame Foodie

Client Feedback

"I really thought I knew a lot about weight loss and have had success in the past however, since starting peri-menopause, the things that 'use' to work 10 years ago, no longer did. Plus, my energy was gone. What I learned from Scott opened up a whole new level of understanding about my body and what now worked. He was incredibly supportive but kept me accountable and on track. I lost the kilos I wanted but, even more importantly for me, reignited energy levels that I haven't experienced since before I had children. Working with Scott was life changing."
"I didn’t realise how much weight I had put on until I had to buy new work pants that were 3 sizes bigger than my old ones. I thought easy I’ll just diet. Unfortunately none of my tricks worked. I thought it must have been medical. So had all the tests. Nope, not medical just put on weight. Scott was amazing. I always felt encouraged, no question was silly. The accountability helped me stay on track. I learnt so much about what my body needs in terms of food and exercise. I can’t believe the results. I dropped 3 dress sizes and feel amazing. So much energy. Just brilliant."
"I have worked with Scott for over 10 years and can highly recommend him as your health coach as he has a great ability to encourage you to come up with your own health Goals rather than tell you. He ensures your plans are aligned with your wellness goals. He is excellent in guiding you to better healthy living and not just for your fitness goals however an overall wellness. My biggest successes have come from setting a plan with Scott as my coach and working to that end Goal and I don't mean just weight loss. It's an overall health and vitality that you get from working with his plans. If you are looking for some accountability and a bit of fun with good quality results, I would highly recommend Scott.”

Please complete the form below with your details and Scott will call you to discuss your needs and how he can support you.

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