Madame Foodie

Cancer Care

We are proud to collaborate with Southside Cancer Care Centre to offer nourishing meals for patients going through treatment and recovery/healing.

Offering over 20 years of experience in assisting clients with healthy meals for allergies, illness and recovery.

Our meals are made from chemical free meats, fresh produce, clean ingredients, no sugar and gluten/dairy free options.
We cook with minimal salt and no dishes are too spicy.

We also understand your appetite may waiver through your treatment process. We highly recommend drinking our Free Range Bone Broth which is packed with macronutrients. It’s light in flavour and nourishing for the days when you don’t feel like eating much at all.

To guide you through our website, we have created a specific ‘Cancer Care’ shop category which is a great place to find our most recommended meals.  You can, however, order anything from the website or add on other meals to feed the rest of the family.

We suggest a great place to start is 5 dinners or 5 lunches to receive fresh, nourishing meals. These meals include a low GI carb, plenty of veggies, chemical free meats. No gluten dairy or sugar. Perfect to help reduce inflammation. No spicy meals. Only Goodness!
All meals are freshly made and can be frozen.

Please pace your order by midnight Thursday for the following week’s delivery.

Alternatively, you are welcome to visit our Wellness Hub at Sylvania to try our meals.

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