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Bone Broth Delivery

by Donation

Our way of giving back

Just over a year ago, one of my besties for over 20 years, Jodie Cliffe, and I were having a glass of wine talking about the death of her father from Pancreatic Cancer and the death of my Aunt from Bone Cancer. We shared our sadness and hope to help others suffering from this awful disease. It was then the Bone Broth Delivery by Donation was created!

Every month, we create fresh homemade Bone Broth in our commercial kitchen and deliver to who ever needs it at the time. Friends and family request for their loved ones to receive this nurturing delight. We deliver with a smile, a hug and sometimes even shed a tear with our nominee.

There is no charge for this delivery. It is our way of giving back to our community. 

Here is why Bone Broth is perfect for Cancer Patients:

  • Radiation and chemotherapy not only kill cancerous cells, but they also kill and damage healthy cells.
  • Cancer treatments can weaken or damage other cells and organs beyond those in the immediate area of the cancer, so the body must repair and/or detoxify there as well.
  • The body needs many more nutrients than usual just to maintain status quo. Without the necessary nutrients, the patient is at risk for malnutrition as the body is using all its stores for repair and damage control. This is a serious concern since weight loss increases the mortality rate for most cancers AND lessens the efficacy of the chemotherapy;

The feedback we receive each month from our thankful nominees is always touching and heartfelt. To think our simple remedy can bring such happiness to their day and also provide nurturing to their recovery post-treatment diet that is nutrient dense has been shown to mitigate the side effects of treatments and speed up nutrient-rich diet is difficult to achieve whilst in the middle of post-treatment side-effects, which include nausea, fatigue, sensitivity to the smell of food, and no appetite (due to lowered stomach acid production

We would like to thanks Helensburgh Butchery for kindly donanting the free-range chickens.

Madame Foodie Bone Broth Charity
Madame Foodie Bone Broth Charity
Madame Foodie Bone Broth Charity
Madame Foodie Bone Broth Charity
Madame Foodie Bone Broth Charity

We are currently delivering to people within the Sutherland Shire on the last Thursday of each month.

If you have a loved one who would benefit from this delivery, please complete the form below.
We will touch base with the nominated person directly to coordinate delivery.

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