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The Madame Foodie Philosophy


Meals are cooked fresh from fresh ingredients


No chemicals, preservatives or additives


No refined sugars are added to our food


We offer many gluten free options

Exciting News!

"Most Outstanding Business in Fresh Food"

"2022 Champion - Fresh Food"

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Hi! I'm Raquel

(aka Madame Foodie!)

I am passionate about food – good, healthy, REAL food that nourishes the body.  I love nothing more than being in the kitchen, creating fabulous meals for all to enjoy.

Madame Foodie is a meal organisation company founded in 2013, one of the first of its kind. It all started when Madame Foodie herself – Raquel, with her 20-years experience in the food industry, decided to branch off from the usual “catering” scene and create a business offering more than just a piece of chicken and some veggies.

My team and I LOVE to create meals and we can’t wait for you to try our healthy, wholesome, home cooked meals.

X Raquel

How it works



You go to our menu and choose from our massive range of amazing meals.  We change the menu seasonally so you will always get the absolute best and freshest quality meals!



The Madame Foodie Team will freshly cook your meals and deliver directly to your door. 



You will love the food so much you won’t be able to wait another second to eat it.  It’s amazing and we have over a million people eating our meals each week!

Love from our Customers!

“The food is amazing and very very convenient for the late work nights I have had lately. I was definitely eating from boredom before so it's good to have my portions limited to control what I eat. You have inspired me to try create some new meals in my life as well! Doesn't have to be same old tuna and steamed veggies everyday lol! Looking forward to more fabulous food!”
“I have been so enjoying your wonderful meals, and its such a luxury for me no to have to think about cooking. I am pleased to report that i have lost four kilos. I like the fact that I have acquired a few healthy habits along the way, particularly making sure that i drink enough water each day, and really cutting back on between meal snacking. I also feel so much more healthy and energetic” ​
“Raquel, just so you know you do more than just good food. You help keep my head above water and minimise the chaos in my head, and that is priceless in so many ways. ”
“Thanks so much Madame Foodie for all the work of getting my mum a nourishing food care package today for me from NZ. She’s just received it and is in tears sending me this text..... "I’m overwhelmed. Thank you so very much. So very very thoughtful."
“Thank you! My family is loving your wonderful recipes. For a busy family with young kiddies, it's great to know they are getting such great food for dinner and I get to hang out with them instead of cooking. It's been wonderful - tonight they are having the Shepard's pie, it was their favourite from last week and asked for it again.”
“In summary, raving reviews from my family! We have been frequent orderers of food service to get us through hectic times of the school term, but we will now certainly be ordering from you guys again!"
"I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks to you guys for an amazing food order that you made for me last minute. Joanne that works with you was amazing, she put together Asian Pork meatballs and had it ready for me in no time. This was for a corporate flight for a VIP passenger and the passenger absolutely loved it."
“Love the food and the variety. I lost 6kgs and 6cm from around my tummy. I'm happy I have been eating in restaurants, having wine ,cake & chocolate still maintaining my weight. I think my body has got used to less sugar”
Alison - Weight Loss 6 week program
"I'm feeling pretty good after the last six weeks. I've deliberately not weighed as yet but will next week. I know that my clothes are looser and I'm getting lots of people commenting on my loss of weight. I feel so much more comfortable in my own body. Having everything delivered and planned has made it so easy"
Sarah - Weight Loss 6 week program

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Wellness Hub Sylvania

Shop Front Now Open

We are excited to open our own Wellness Hub located at our Shop in Sylvania.

218 Princess Highway,
(Southern Suburbs of Sydney)

We will have both fresh and frozen meals, as well as delicious breads, organic kombucha, snacks, fermented veggies and delicious treats.

Its important to note that if you are after specific meals, its best to order online and choose PICK UP as once we are sold out, we are sold out for the week.

Click Here for Shop Hours and Days

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